Cost Containment

At Cenergi, our clients typically do a fine job of purchasing. Few, however, have a systematic process in place to negotiate savings over a wide range of products and services simultaneously. Fewer still have the depth of resources necessary to gain best-in-class savings in specialized product or service areas. Cenergi’s providers have been refining and perfecting disciplined processes focused on reducing indirect operating expenses. Their dedicated, highly-trained staff expertly analyzes the data and manages a bidding process that reduces many operating costs in a matter of weeks.

Benchmark Savings Potential

Using your supplier purchasing data, we categorize expenses and develop a realistic savings estimate based on 20 years of accumulated experience. These expense reduction services allow for-profit and not-for-profit organization to maximize operating profit by saving up to 40% in more than 35 common expense categories. The work is guaranteed – if you don’t save money, the services are free.


    • Targeted Expenses
    • Office Supplies
    • Printing
    • Freight
    • Utilities
    • Waste
    • Document Management
    • Express Mail
    • Travel/Lodging
    • Insurance (non-medical)
    • Merchant Services
    • MRO
    • Janitorial Supplies
    • Promotional
    • Packaging
    • Uniform Services
    • Payroll Services
    • Mail Services
    • Beverage Services
    • Courier Services
    • Fuel
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