Call and Network Accounting, Monitoring and Reporting

Cenergi provides solutions and tools to improve any company’s UC experienceThese tools integrate with any communications ecosystem to deliver meaningful information to managers.

    • Quality of Service
    • Bandwidth Issues
    • Call Analytics
    • Mobile Productivity

Phone systems used to be pretty simple, but then if you added features – auto attendants, voicemail, ACD agents, operators, and then added a remote site or two, simplicity eroded. Then maybe your company merged with another company, and suddenly you were responsible for disparate phone systems. Then somewhere along the line the technology changed to VoIP.  Simplicity vanished. Now, Unified Communications is becoming more prevalent, and users demanded one number to find them, voicemails delivered as text messages or emails. Users are bringing their own devices (cell phones, iPads, etc.) and expect them to work with the phone system and network. The only constant thing has been the users’ Quality of Experience expectations. Complexities are now assured. In order to stay ahead of what’s next you need to have a handle on what’s now. You need the tools to estimate the impact that changes will have on your Quality of Experience – or better known as the “Call Experience.” It’s about having the right information to help define, design, integrate, optimize and manage the technologies that make up your ecosystem, as well as monitor and support your end users’ Quality of ‘Call’ Experience. Cenergi’s partners are able to provide tools that give unprecedented access to the information necessary to quickly troubleshoot and eliminate the issues that arise from managing the network and communication systems of today.

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